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Owner and lead copywriter of Copycise.  I deliver  persuasive ad & sales copy with perfect SEO optimization

"Making Words Work for You"


I'm Tommy Dorcey, and for the past three years, I have harnessed the pulse of digital trade, pioneering innovative strategies for business operation and carving out a unique niche through my keen acumen and relentless determination.

Not merely an accomplished business owner, I carry another feather in my cap as the owner and lead copywriter at Wielding the powerful pen of persuasion, I craft compelling, emotionally resonant content that speaks directly to the hearts of customers. Over the years, I've honed the ability to transform mere interest into immediate action, propelling businesses towards their peak potential. It's my purpose to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their audience and navigate the digital marketplace. In every endeavor I undertake, my mission remains consistent - to carve a path of exponential growth for businesses, unifying their brand vision with language aimed at sparking decisive consumer action. 

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