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2023 - present

Founder and Owner Of SNAZZI

The founder and proprietor of Snazzi, an opulent destination for unparalleled fashion insights and exquisite travel experiences, I blend my extensive business acumen with a craft for creating compelling content. This unique skill set elevates the possibilities and realm of affiliate marketing, driving impactful connections and fostering profitable partnerships in an unrivalled fashion. 


Founder and Owner Home Decor N More

The visionary founder and force behind Home Decor N More, an online e commerce venture and success that achieved six figure revenues in year 2021 and 2022.  In this capacity, I developed and honed a profound comprehension and understanding of integral business management. I utilized insightful business strategies and best business practices, employed reliable and dependable business tactics, and harnessed my ability in crafting persuasive web site copy to fuel substantial revenue and drive business growth.

1985 - 2013

Technical Writer/Software Developer

With a prolific tenure at the USACE (federal government agency), I honed my expertise in design and software development while concurrently spearheading written communication efforts with other federal, state, and local agencies.  This extensive experience significantly enhanced my professional writing skills, equipping me with the proficiency to deliver effective communication across multi-level platforms, proficient not only in its technical facets but also in persuasive and emotional contexts to create compelling written content.  Retired from federal service, effective 13 Dec 2013. 

& Expertise

  • Communications; strong listening skills, understanding company objectives, the needs of its target audience. Offering and receiving feedback, open minded and receptive.  Understand the psychology of persuasion, which requires a cognizance of emotional triggers, calls to action, and the art of storytelling.

  • Leadership; project management, strategic planning, team coordination, team leader and creative guidance.  Creative direction, conceive original, compelling ideas to inspire team members and drive marketing effectiveness.  

  • Problem Solving; identifying challenges and developing effective written communication that directly addresses, resolves, or navigates issues. Understanding and catering to divergent target audiences. Managing time constraints, prioritize tasks and deliver results. 

  • Creativity: tailored, individual narratives that resonate on a personal level and fosters a profound connection between the brand and its audience, facilitating immediate response. Pioneering fresh concepts, harnessing emotive power that ignites passion, arouses curiosity, or stir a sense of urgency - all to inspire immediate action. 

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